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Ulica Kralja Zvonimira 16, 53 220 Otočac
Tel: 053/771-001
Fax: 053/771-130

Contact person:
Frana Lokas-Mudrovčić (flokas@hgk.hr)
Irena Banić (ibanic@hgk.hr)


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Autopark Udbina

The project involves the construction of infrastructure and accompanying buildings that will support the following businesses: guarded parking lot for caravans and car trailers, self service gas station, restaurant, market, workshop, bathroom and toilet facility, guarded parking lot for vehicles in ...
Infrastructure - Transport infrastructure, Infrastructure - Tourism infrastructure

Lika-Senj County

Construction of a new kindergarten in Gospić

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of preschool education in the area of Gospić and to increase spatial and technical capacities through the construction and equipment of a new kindergarten. The project envisages investment in the construction of a new kindergarten building, which wi...

Lika-Senj County

Building of infrastructure in Business zone Brinje - Križpolje

Construction of roads, water supply and drainage, street lights and cable installations at Business zone Brinje - Križpolje.

Lika-Senj County

Construction of road and drainage in the Business zone Brinje - Žuta Lokva

Construction of road and drainage in the Business zone Brinje - Žuta Lokva

Lika-Senj County

Sports - recreational centre Brinje

Construction of the sports - recreation center in Brinje. The project involves a multipurpose court for football, handball court and basketball court, tennis court, bowling court and the main object with the locker room. Installation for electricity and plumbing are completed.
Infrastructure - Other

Lika-Senj County

Construction of the sewerage system of the settlement Brinje

Completion of the sewerage system in Brinje. Phases I and II are constructed, approximately 40% of Phase III remains to be completed.
Infrastructure - Utility infrastructure

Lika-Senj County

Building a center for older and disabled persons in Senj

Building of center for older and disabled persons in Senj includes construction of center capacity 100 beds for seating older and disabled persons.

Lika-Senj County

Ice World

Production of ice for different purposes (consumption, fishing, crushed ice, icy mush). The company is located in rented space, and intention is to invest in its own location, production enhancement and purchase of cooling equipment. So far it has been invested in the manufacturing plant production ...

Lika-Senj County

Otočac Airport

Preparation of project documentation for the project, which involves the construction of tourist infrastructure and equipping of the existing airport Otocac, with the aim of developing selective forms of tourism, using available natural resources and traffic, and the whole development of SMEs in the...

Lika-Senj County