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County info

Area: 5,670 km2
Population: 109,375
County capital: Šibenik (46,372 inhabitants)

GDP (2013): 856 million EUR
GDP per capita (2013): 8.051 EUR
Unemployment rate (2015): 23%

Most important sectors (2015): manufacturing industry (27.5%), wholesale and retail (23.1%), tourism (15%), construction (5.8%), energy (4.6%)

FDI (1993-2013): 196.2 million EUR

More information about the county:

Fra jeronima Milete 31, 22000 Šibenik
tel. +385 (0)22 311 600
fax +385 (0)22 311 610

Contact person:
Ines Škaro (iskaro@hgk.hr)

Information on what and where to build in Šibenik, please find in Šibenik – Investment Opportunities Catalogue on this link: http://www.investincroatia.hr/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Sibenik_investment_opportunities_web.pdf


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Projects Category EUR

Construction of a production dairy plant Vlajina

The project involves construction and equipment of a dairy (cheese) factory with a capacity of 10,000 litres of processed milk in one shift with the intention of organising in the later phase the production in two shifts or 20,000 litres of processed milk per day. The aim of the construction of th...
Agriculture, Industry

Šibenik-Knin County

Ivanal Plaza

The project „Ivanal Plaza“ refers to the construction of a tourist complex consisting of several segments: villas, sports complex, suites, hotel complex, a restourant with a panoramic view, wellness and health center, park/forest and other leisure facilities. Segments of the Project: 1. Cond...

Šibenik-Knin County