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County info

Area: 4,155 km2
Population: 304,899
County capital: Osijek (107,784 inhabitants)

GDP (2013): 2,443 million EUR
GDP per capita (2013): 8,121 EUR
Unemployment rate (2015): 32%

Most important sectors (2012): manufacturing (29.5%), agriculture (23.9%), trade (19.9%), construction (12.9%)

Export (2012): 434.2 million EUR
Import (2012): 403.5 million EUR

Export markets (2012): Bosnia and Herzegovina (16%), Germany (14%), Slovenia (10%), Serbia (10%), Italy (9%), Hungary (6%), Austria (4%)

Export products (2012): machinery and parts (23%), paper and cardboard (13%), sugar and sugar products (11%), wood and wood products (7%), soap and washing preparations (7%), plastic and plastic products (6%), cereals (5%), cement (4%)

FDI (1993-2013): 87 million EUR

More information about the county:

Europske Avenije 13, 31000 Osijek
tel. +385 (0)31 223 800
fax +385 (0) 223 824

Contact person:
Kornela Miling (kmiling@hgk.hr)


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Projects Category EUR

University Centre Osijek

The University Centre will be profiled into an educational center, which will be providing high quality standards of studying and working for students and teachers, and will also provide all conditions required at all levels of education (mainly for the needs of the Faculty of Economics and of the l...
Infrastructure - Other

Osijek-Baranja County

University library and multimedia centre Osijek - SKIMCO

With the SKIMCO project, the scientific and e-infrastructure will be secured, which will contribute to the University's profile enhancement, making it into a research University according to the criteria of the scientific excellence. By the use of knowledge networking, it will get the acting role in...
Infrastructure - Other

Osijek-Baranja County

Production of bioethanol - Etanol Osijek ltd.

Construction of industrial building-Ethanol Plant in Osijek. Factory for production of ethanol capacity of 152,000 t.
Energy - Renewable Energy

Osijek-Baranja County