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County info

Area: 3,643 km2
Population: 170,398
County capital: Zadar (78,135 inhabitants)

GDP (2013): 1,402 millon EUR
GDP per capita (2013): 8,173 EUR
Unemployment rate (2015): 18%

Most important sectors (2015): wholesale and retail (22.5%), manufacturing industry (22.4%), transport and storage (13%); tourism (10.6%), fishery and agriculture (9,2%)

Export (2015): 235 million EUR
Import (2015): 231,4 million EUR

FDI (1993-1Q2016): 653 million EUR

More information about the county:

Špire Brusine 16, 23000 Zadar
tel. +385 (0)23 211 747
fax +385 (0)23 213 923

Contact person:
Dinko Basioli (dbasioli@hgk.hr)


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Projects Category EUR

Health rehabilitation and homes for elderly and disabled persons (N1 zone, Ugljan)

The goal of the project is to construct capacities that offer medical and touristic sevices. Homes for elderly and disabled persons, as well as health rehabilitation have nowadays become very sought after projects. The project of the Ugljan N1 Zone is made up of two components. The first one ...
Tourism, Healthcare

Zadar County

Pašman Resort

The project Pašman Resort is a greenfield project that includes the design and construction of hotels, tourist apartments and villas with accompanying facilities and adequate infrastructure. The project will be developed in two phases over 6 years: I phase: SOLINE BAY (recreational & agriculture...

Zadar County

Biograd Health and Tourist Centre

The activity primarily includes the construction of new accommodation capacities that should be offered aside from the beds covered by the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance. This activity also includes the construction of the following facilities: health section, which offers medically supervi...

Zadar County