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Hazardous cargo terminal

Construction of infrastructure for handling of hazardous cargo (waste) from ships such as waste oil, oily liquid, disposal of faecal waste, solid waste and other categories of hazardous cargo that may occur on ships and all other waste arising from ships such as waste paper, glass, plastic, metal pa...
Infrastructure - Transport infrastructure

Brod-Posavina County

Passenger pier Slavonski Brod

Due to the need to build an adequate dock for mooring passenger ships, the Port Administration of Slavonski Brod initiated the construction of a dock on the left bank of the Sava River in Slavonski Brod. The project for the construction of a passenger dock envisages the arrangement of the coast with...
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Brod-Posavina County

Cable Car on Učka

The planned Učka cable car project, which will connect the coast with the peak of mountain of Učka (Medveja - Vojak route), is the continuation of the efforts to increase the quality of the offer and services in the area of Croatia that are touristically most developed and have a long tradition (P...
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Primorje-Gorski kotar County

New Sisak Port

Construction of the new port on the Sava River is to be realized in three phases - Western part intended for bulk cargo and other cargo, and South Eastern part for liquid cargo. First phase is planned to be implemented in the perod between year 2020 and 2024 including the construction of two ber...
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Sisak-Moslavina County

3 sisters - Croatian Dream

Project "3 sisters - Croatian Dream" is planned as a luxury resort with a marina for mega yachts and golf courses. The project has a total area of about 260 hectares (2.6 million m2) of which the tourist zone is 40 hectares with planned 4,100 beds, golf course on 205 ha (building area of 27.3 ha), a...
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Dubrovnik-Neretva County

Utility dock on the river Kupa in Sisak

Infrastructure project - port basin for boats up to 12 meters, which will allow docking, mooring and protection of vessels on 194 berths. The project includes the construction works on aquatorium of the port, procurement of equipment and construction of the administration building with additional ...
Infrastructure - Transport infrastructure

Sisak-Moslavina County

Building of infrastructure in Business zone "Maljen", Brinje - Križpolje

Construction of roads, water supply and drainage, street lights and cable installations at Business zone "Maljen", Brinje - Križpolje. Aim of the project is to create conditions for investors to perform business activities in the Zone in order to enhance economic development of the municipality.
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Lika-Senj County

Business Locations