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Kralja Tomislava 19b, 47000 Karlovac
tel. +385 (0)47 612 111
fax +385 (0)47 614 720

Contact person:
Josip Brezetić (jbrezetic@hgk.hr)

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Project KORDUN ltd. - Knonwledge and tradition in metal-processing industry
LocationCompany Kordun ltd. is located in the city of Karlovac in Central Croatia, in Karlovac County, only some 50 km away from the Croatian capital city of Zagreb, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Favourable geographical position and the vicinity to all major European centres offer a great traffic connectivity between continental and coastal Croatia as well as the intersection connecting Europe and Adriatic Coast. Economic profile is characterised by developed entrepreneurship where processing industry along with manufacture of food and beverages, fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment, rubber and plastic products, wood processing and manufacture of textile are the main bearers of development. Trade and construction take very important place as well, along with significant cultural and natural resources for tourism development.
  • Karlovac County
  • DescriptionKordun Group with more than a 100-year-old tradition has a production programme with more than 3,000 products. Its two-production programs – Kordun alati ltd. – woodworking tools and cutters and Kordun Lav Ltd. – cutlery and tableware, are both result of their own intellectual and technological potentials as well as cooperation with several worldwide famous companies. Products of both production programs are made of high quality steel of world-renowned companies. Kordun Group is one of the biggest suppliers of cutlery and tableware for restaurants, hotels and other institutions in Croatia as well as tool products for woodworking industry.

    Kordun alati Ltd. Produces all types of high quality tools and equipment for primary and secondary treatment of wood and its exploration and cultivation. The product range includes cutters and gang, circular, band and handsaws, as well as parts for STIHL chain saws. They produce industrial cutters for paper, leather, gum and other manufacturing industries.

    Kordun Lav Ltd. produces a wide range of top-designed cutlery and tableware for all purposes and occasions. The cutlery is made of high quality stainless steel INOX 18/10, and it is available in matte, satin and gold-platted varieties. Strohal Supreme – exclusive brand of the highest quality assortment in silver plated, gold plated and special coverings performances, design items and artistic works.

    The company operates on 3,500 m2 of production plant, 2,000 m2 office space, 800m2 of storage space and 6,000m2 of land area.
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    Other infoThe company is looking for joint venture, strategic partner for production and further market expansion.

    Preparation of project documents
    Documentation statusFull project documentation
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

    Project holder
    Project holderKORDUN production and trade of metal-ware Plc.
    ContactKORDUN production and trade of metal-ware Plc.
    Address: M. Laginje 10, 47000 Karlovac
    Phone: +385 47 645 066; 645 570; 645 561
    E-mail: kordun@kordun.hr
    Web: www.kordun.hr

    Other information
    Type of projectPrivate
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

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