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ZAGREB – Capital of the Republic of Croatia
Information about the county:

Information about the county:

Draškovićeva 45, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 (0)1 4606 777
fax: +385 (0)1 4606 813, 4606 803

Contact person:
Vesna Krišto (vkristo@hgk.hr)

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Project Igrišće Sport and Recreation Centre, SC - Hren
LocationThe Sport Centre - Hren is situated in the western part of the Zagreb County (32 km from the Zagreb centre), in the town Igrišće. The Sports Centre is being constructed on a plot area of 4,773.00 m2, on the northern part of the town Igrišće, from the western side of the main County road of the town Igrišće and the connection to neighbouring towns with the Zagorje main road Zagreb - Krapina. On the western side of the plot there is the Highway Zagreb - Krapina - Macelj with a toll station (exit) Mokrice approx. 4 km north of the plot.The facility is approximately 45 km away from the state border with Slovenia.
  • City of Zagreb and Zagreb County
  • DescriptionThe project involves the construction of the Igrišće Sports Centre, together with mini soccer terrain, swimming pool, gim, sauna, jacuzzi with accompanying contents.

    The business facility is free-standing building, with a simple volume blueprint similar to a square, floor level of basement, half-dug floor (632.40 m2) + ground floor (332.50 m2) + loft (299.00 m2), in total 1,263.90 m2.

    A mini-soccer field (20x65 m) is planned on the western part of the plot, whereas the eastern side is planned for parking and manipulative area.

    The future sports centre is located in the area surrounded with towns and municipalities (20 km distance from center) with 133,963 inhabitants (age 5-60) that are potential users of future center.

    There is also a significant number of crafts, small and medium commercial companies, amateur football clubs, as well as a wide range of other sport teams and various cultural societies located near the future Sports centre and as such represent possible facility users.

    A detalied project description can be found in the attachment.
    Economic category

    Infrastructure - Other


    Sport, tourism and recreation

    Financial sources
    Estimated project value€2.320.000,00

    Project involvement possibility
    Looking for investor
    Looking for strategic partner
    Other info1. The purchase of the project for the total amount of 328,000.00 EUR (the facility and the land).

    2. The seller bears the cost of the VAT and the buyer bears the costs of the real estate transfer tax. The real estate has no encumbrances, no mortgage and it has clear title property (1/1).

    Preparation of project documents
    Documentation statusFull project documentation
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

    Project holder
    Project holderSports centre - Hren d.o.o. (Hren Ltd.)
    ContactSports centre - Hren d.o.o. (Hren Ltd.)
    K.Š.Đalskog 7 - Igrišće
    E-mail: schren@net.hr
    Phone: +385 (0)98 164 2207; +385 (0)98 609 763
    +385 (0)98 247 092

    Other information
    Estimated start of project implementationMarch 18th, 2011
    Estimated duration of project in monthsAfter resolving the partnership, the project will be finished in 7 months.
    Type of projectPrivate
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

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