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Špire Brusine 16, 23000 Zadar
tel. +385 (0)23 211 747
fax +385 (0)23 213 923

Contact person:
Dinko Basioli (dbasioli@hgk.hr)

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Project Health rehabilitation and homes for elderly and disabled persons (N1 zone, Ugljan)
LocationPreko Municipality, Island Ugljan
  • Zadar County
  • DescriptionThe goal of the project is to construct capacities that offer medical and touristic sevices.
    Homes for elderly and disabled persons, as well as health rehabilitation have nowadays become very sought after projects.

    The project of the Ugljan N1 Zone is made up of two components.
    The first one offers services of accommodation and care for elderly and disabled persons, and its lodging capacity is 200 people.
    The second component offers health rehabilitation services that are intended for people of all ages. The anticipated capacity for this type of accommodation is from 150 to 200 persons.
    In addition to it, there are also joint service components, which include swimming pools, wellness center, shops and catering establishments.
    The Zone is situated at the southwestern side of the island Ugljan in the place of Ugljan. It is characterized by a very mild climate with absence of strong winds, the area is covered with Mediterranean vegetation and is situated next to the sea.
    It is very well connected, and it can be reached from Zadar in up to 35 to 40 minutes, including the drive with a ferry.
    The communal infrastructure is brought up to the Zone, which is separated from the main settlement.
    The Zone covers an area of 2.5 ha, out of which 1.8 ha is the construction part of the Zone, and the rest are green surfaces and a beach belt.

    An conceptual design for the Zone has been elaborated, and all the preliminary works necessary for completion and implementation of the UPU have also been made.
    Economic category



    Homes and health rehabilitation

    Financial sources
    Estimated project value€20.000.000,00
    Estimated value descriptive15,000,000.00 - 20,000,000.00 euros
    EU funded
    Financing descriptivePossibilities of EU funding.

    Project involvement possibility
    Looking for investor

    Preparation of project documents
    Documentation statusProject is in its initial phase
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

    Project holder
    Project holderMr. Darko Oreč and Mr. Alen Petani
    ContactAlen Petani
    tel: +385 23 302 661
    mob: +385 98 283 750, +385 98 438 196
    e-mail: navigator@zd.t-com.hr

    Other information
    Type of projectPrivate
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

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    Pdf zona N1 hr.pdf.pdf

    Pdf muline - idejni prijedlog.pdf.pdf

    Pdf foto.pdf.pdf

    Pdf Zone_N1_engl.pdf.pdf