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ZAGREB – Capital of the Republic of Croatia
Information about the county:

Information about the county:

Draškovićeva 45, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 (0)1 4606 777
fax: +385 (0)1 4606 813, 4606 803

Contact person:
Vesna Krišto (vkristo@hgk.hr)

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Project CROATON - manufacturing and recycling of construction materials
LocationPopovec, Kraljevečki Novaki, Zagreb
  • City of Zagreb and Zagreb County
  • DescriptionConstruction of the factory for the disposal and recycling of all types of sludge and construction waste, and the production of construction materials
    Economic category


    Enviromental protection


    Financial sources
    Estimated project value€45.000.000,00
    Financing descriptiveThe project holder has invested 9.5 million euros of its own funds so far. The project is looking for a strategic partner or financial institution in order to close the financial construction.

    Project involvement possibility
    Looking for investor
    Looking for strategic partner
    Other infoThe bank's guaranty amounting to 27,300,000 EUR is required or strategic partners's equity of min. 10,000,000 EUR.

    Preparation of project documents
    Documentation statusFull project documentation
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

    Project holder
    Project holderTermoblok d.o.o.
    ContactTermoblok d.o.o.
    Tel: +385 1 2008 132
    e-mail: kmatkovic@phoenix.hr

    Other information
    Estimated start of project implementationUpon closing of the financial construction
    Estimated duration of project in monthsConstruction works - 12 months
    Type of projectPrivate
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr