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Bulevar oslobođenja 23, 51000 Rijeka
tel. +385 (0)51 209 111
fax +385 (0)51 216 033

Contact person:
Blanka Kalokira (bkalokira@hgk.hr)
Gabrijela Milin (gmilin@hgk.hr)

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Project Western Žabica Complex
LocationThe location of the “Western Žabica” Complex is situated in the very center of the City of Rijeka. The advantage of the location is the proximity and its connection to all major attractions of the center, the main city roads, and the railway station.
  • Primorje-Gorski kotar County
  • DescriptionThe construction of the “Western Žabica” in the very heart of the city provides a quality solution of parking in a closed parking space, a modern solution for the operation of passenger bus transport as well as new business and commercial facilities. The completion of the project will be followed by a new traffic circulation plan in the city center, which will create more space and attractiveness to the central pedestrian zone from Žabica to Mrtvi kanal. With its size and facilities, the complex promotes the spreading of the city center towards the railway station and the “Rikard Benčić” complex which also provides opportunities for significant reconstructions and a location for new and attractive city facilities. For these reasons, the implementation of the project, according to the citizens, is ranked among the most important projects of interest for the development of the city and its image.

    The project involves the construction of:

    A) Building complex which comprises:
    - bus terminal – approx. 11.500m2
    - public garage – 4 levels with 940 parking spaces, approx. 26.000 m2
    - shopping centre – approx. 6,600 m2
    - business and recreational facilities –approx. 3,600 m2
    - multipurpose arena with 300 seats – approx. 2,500 m2

    B) New access roads along the southern part of the complex, as an extension to Riva Street

    C) Reconstruction and new design of Žabica Square (removal of the existing bus station, new traffic circulation plan, landscaping of public spaces)

    D) Reconstruction of the entrance to the port of Rijeka area
    Economic category


    Financial sources
    Estimated project value€52.000.000,00

    Project involvement possibility
    Looking for investor
    Looking for strategic partner

    Preparation of project documents
    Documentation statusFull project documentation
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

    Project holder
    Project holderCity of Rijeka
    ContactCity of Rijeka
    Titov trg 3, 51000 Rijeka
    Contact person: Mr. Srđan Škunca
    Phone: +385 51 209 450
    Fax: +385 51 209 451
    E-mail: srdjan.skunca@rijeka.hr
    Web: www.rijeka.hr

    Rijeka plus d.o.o.
    Školjić 15, 51000 Rijeka
    Contact person: Mr. Željko Smojver
    Phone: +385 51 445 353
    Fax: +385 51 445 353
    E-mail: info@rijeka-plus.hr
    Web: www.rijeka-plus.hr

    Other information
    For details please contact investicije@hgk.hr

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    Pdf Western Zabica Complex.pdf.pdf

    Pdf Kompleks Zapadna Žabica.pdf.pdf